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Amasya - Hattusa - Ankara Tour


  1. Day 1 Istanbul - Merzifon - Gumushacikoy - Amasya

    04.55 am Departing for Amasya Merzifon Airport with Turkish Airlines TK 2854. After landing at 06.15 am, we will take the tour bus to have breakfast in Merzifon. Then we leave to visit Kara Mustafa Pasha Village, where we will see Abide Hatun Mosque, one of the most exquisite examples of Ottoman art, with is hand-carved ornaments on wood. Afterwards, we head to Merzifon, referred to as ''Thousand Villages'' by historian and geographer Strabon. We will walk around the town to see Kara Mustafa Pasha Mosque, the Clock Tower, Taşhan (Caravanserai), the covered bazaar and hammam. We will have lunch before we leave the town for Gumushacikoy, the old trade center of the region and one the prominent centers of the ancient Silk Road. Here, we will take a look at the trio of Koprulu Mehmet Pasha Mosque, the Covered Bazaar and Hammam from outside. Then, we will head to Maden Village to see its mosque and hammam. Before getting to Amasya, we will make one last stop at Gumus Village, where we will see Yorguc Rustem Pasha Mosque, built in 1429, as well as Darphane Mosque and the Turban (shrine) of Barak Baba. We will directly go to our hotel in Amasya. After the check-in, we will have some free time to relax. Later, we will leave the hotel to have dinner. We will spend the night at our hotel in Amasya.

  2. Day 2 Amasya

    After the breakfast, we will start our y-tour around Amasya, once called Amaseia. After examining the Clock Tower, Rock Tombs of Kings, the Castle and Hazeranlar Mansion, we will take a break and have lunch. Afterwards, we will visit Sultan Beyazid II Complex (can only be seen from outside due to ongoing renovation works), Amasya Archaeology Museum, Burmali (Spiral) Minaret, Gümüşlükten Mosque and Sabuncuoglu Medical Museum. In the evening, we will have dinner at the hilltop, called Cakallar, with a great city panorama. We will spend the night at out hotel in Amasya.

  3. Day 3 Amasya - Shapinuva - Alacahoyuk - Hattusa - Ankara

    After the breakfast, we start the day with visiting Shapinuva, one of the most important Hittite cities of the empire era, laying 53 km away from Corum. Then we will depart from Alacahoyuk, an important pre-Hittite center, where we will see pre-Hittite king tombs dating back to 2500 BC. Yet, the ruins we will see belong to the Hittite period. After having seen these two prehistoric sites, we will move on to see Hattusa, another prominent ancient center. We will have lunch on the bus, during our ride. At Hattusa, we will take a walk around the temple, listening to the stories of the city of ''a thousand gods'': Teshup, God of Sky, Hepat, Goddess of Arinna's Sun, Nanni and Hazzi, the deified mountains and God Sharruma, the protector of the Great King Tuthaliya IV. After passing through the Lions Gate, Royal Gate, Sphinx Gate and the Ground Gate and the 71-meter-long tunnel, which stands today, we will depart for Ankara. Upon arriving in Ankara, we will go to our hotel and check-in. We will have dinner and spend the night at the hotel.

  4. Day 4 Ankara - Istanbul

    After having breakfast at the hotel, we will take a tour to discover Ankara. First, we start with taking a look at the old GNAT building from outside. Then, we will continue with Haci Bayram Veli Mosque and Anatolian Civilizations Museum and Rahmi Koc Museum before we take a break and have lunch. In the afternoon, we will visit the historical Pilavoglu Caravanserai Bazaar and Arslanhane Mosque. Before we leave, we will visit Ulucanlar Prison Museum, the first prison of the republic, serving as a museum and a culture and art center today. Then we will be transferred to the airport to take our fight back yo Istanbul.
    05.30 pm Heading to Ankara Esenboga Airport
    08.00 pm Taking Turkish Airlines Flight TK 2171 to Istanbul
    09.20 pm Arrival

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