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Istiklal Street, Galata Tower, Galataport



1.01.2024-1.01.2024 On the Istiklal Street Tour we'll explore the Istanbul's former diplomatic or "European"district of Istanbul the nationalities, religions, and innumerable peoples of this cosmopolitan city have been mingled for the last 150 years. We'll pay a visit not only to the diplomatic and historical sites we will not only visit diplomatic and historical sites that have played an important role in the development of the city, but also the markets, back alleys, and food stalls that keep this street relevant to life in Istanbul today.

Beginning in Taksim Square and continuing on the famous Istiklal Avenue, we'll trace a route through a part of Istanbul that Europeans settled during the 19th century as the fading Ottoman Empire began a program of rapprochement with France, Germany, and the other powers to its west. Today, this heady period of cultural diversity is represented by a wonderful mix of neoclassical architecture, Art Nouveau Parisian-style covered passages, and a vibrant street life of cafes, shops, and fine restaurants.

The Galata Tower was built by the Genoese in the middle of the 14th century as part of the Galata Walls when Galata quarter was a Genoese colony in the Byzantine Era. After it was used as a dungeon for some time in the Ottoman Era, it was converted to a fire lookout tower. The tower which suffered damages due to earthquakes and fires from time to time underwent several renovations during the Ottoman Era. The tower that had fallen into ruins by 1960s was restored by Istanbul Municipality and opened for visitors. The Galata Tower was restored by the General Directorate of Foundations in 2020, and the reinforced concrete elements which were added later, and the cafeteria were removed, and the Tower reopened its gates to visitors as a museum.

Galataport Istanbul is ready to transform this historical city harbor into a world-class cruise liner port and touristic destination, while opening the promenade to public use for the first time in approximately two centuries. With its accessible low-rise buildings, an architectural design that embraces the historical tapestry of the area, broad range of transport options and more, Galataport Istanbul offers a breathing, healthy and safe environment for culture & arts, work, shopping and dining.
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