Stimulating seminars, eye-opening journeys.
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Together with our seminar groups, we are experiencing the excitement of getting to know different civilizations from around the world, which we examine through a contemporaneous reading..

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We attach special importance on our tours, designed in line with the seminar topics, to offer the participants an eye-opening, inspiring experience.

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In our seminars and tours, we work with experts, specialized on art history, culture history, history of religions and gastronomy.


SOFOS is a center, where experts working on diverse areas of history, art and culture are brought together with people deeply interested in those areas.

SOFOS, Sofos, waiting for those interested in history, culture and art to its culture tours in Istanbul and across Turkey, is a TURSAB member travel agency, certified [Cert No: 10432] as A-class by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. To discover Istanbul, which has been home to many civilizations throughout history, and Turkey, with its unique characteristics, mesmerizing natural beauty and thousands of years old cultural heritage, we invite you to Turkey, guaranteeing a memorable experience, along with eccentric itineraries and exceptional quality of SOFOS.

“Astonishment is the origin of knowledge.”


We sincerely thank to our partners, who embark on this journey with us.