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Batman - Siirt - Tillo Tour


  1. Day 1 Istanbul - Batman

    04.40 pm Departure for Batman with Turkish Airlines flight no TK 2684
    For the Southeast Anatolia tour, we will make to celebrate the beginning of the springtime, we will meet at the SOFOS counter at the Domestic Flights Hall of Istanbul Airport. Taking Turkish Airlines flight TK 2684 at 04:40 pm, we will head to Batman, the oil capital of our country. The scheduled arrival time is 06:55 pm. Upon arrival, we will take our tour bus, which will take us to Siirt, via Kurtalan. After a one-hour drive, we will have dinner before the hotel check-ins.

  2. Day 2 Siirt - Tillo

    On the second day of our culture tour, which is organized to experience the lifestyle in Siirt, we will head to Tillo, very early in the morning. The fact that the tour is held on the spring equinox on March 21 is not a coincidence. In Tillo, we will visit the turbah of Ismail Fakirullah, built by his disciple İbrahim Hakkı, who designed the turbah with an astronomical precision to pay tribute and express his respect to his master. At the turbah, we will watch how the wooden casket at the turbah is enlightened with the earliest sunrays of spring morning, the while the streets of the town are still in the dark. (On the equinox, witnessing this light game, depends on the weather conditions of the day). Our list of places to visit in Siirt includes: the grand Mosque, Tas Bası, Ras -al Hajar (the Holed Stone), Tillo Panorama Terrace and the bazaars of the city. While enjoying the breathtaking view of Botan, we will take a brief lecture from Coskun Aral, who will tell us the legends ant true stories of the region. Buryan stands first among the local dishes we will taste in Siirt. In addition, guided by the housewives at the Family Support Center, funded by the Provincial Directorate, we will be given information about the local cuisine. We will have dinner and spend the night at our hotel in Siirt.

  3. Day 3 Siirt - Batman - Kozluk - Istanbul

    After having breakfast at our hotel, we will leave the Siirt for Batman, via of the first places we will visit is the Turbah of Veysel Krani, a figure, highly respected by the locals, who signifies the Islamic history of the region. At Kozluk, a small county of Batman, we will visit the citadel and Ibrahim Bey Mosque. Examining the Yazidi tombs, we will make a brief art history tour in the town. Our next stop will be the Malabadi Bridge, dating back to 12th century, laying on the border between Batman and Diyarbakır. At this symbolic landmark, which has been an inspiration for local ballads, we will have tea, across a magnificent view over the Batman Stream. After arriving at Batman, we will make a brief city tour and learn more about the local culture. Later, we will visit the Baatman Museum, opened in 2013, housing are findings found at the excavations of the Ilıcasu Dam and its environs. After examining these findings, which will give us a new perspective about history and archeology, we will head to the airport for our flight back to Istanbul. We will take Turkish airlines flight TK 2685 at 07:50 pm.
    07:50 pm Departure to Istanbul with Turkish Airlines flight TK 2685
    10:15 pm Arrival

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