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Tuspa - Van Tour


  1. Day 1 Istanbul - Igdır - Dogubeyazid - Muradiye - Van

    06.10 am Departure for Igdır with Turkish Airlines flight no TK 2718
    After landing in Igdır at 08.15 am, we will take the tour bus and head to Dogubeyazid, where we will have breakfast. Following the breakfast, we will leave for Ishak Pasha Palace, the last monumental building of the Tulip Era of the Ottoman Empire, located on a hilltop, 5 km north of Dogubeyazid. After a detailed visit of this magnificent palace, we will have lunch at a local restaurant. Then we will head to Muradiye, to take a walk and relax around the nature and see the waterfall on the Bendimahi River. Our next stop will be Van Cat House, an Institute founded by Yuzuncu Oil University, conducting a landrace protection and breeding program for the Van Cat, the friendly, agile, loyal and beautiful and distinctive race. Then we will head to Van, where we will have dinner at a local restaurant before going to our hotel to spend the night.

  2. Day 2 Van - Hosab Castle - Cavustepe Castle - Ahlat - Van

    After having breakfast at the hotel, we will leave to see the Hosab castle, a large medieval castle laying on a step hill, to the northwest of Hosab Stream, and the Cavustepe Castle, built on the western end of the Bol mountain range. Then we will head back to van to have lunch at a local restaurant. Afterwards, we will head to Ahlat, to see the Seljuki tombstones, a site added to the Unesco World Heritage tentative list. Afterwards, we will leave Ahlat to visit Zal Pasha Mosque in Adilcevaz. Before going to the hotel, we will make a stop at a local restaurant for dinner. After the dinner, we will head to our hotel to spend the night.

  3. Day 3 Van - Tuspa (Old Van) - Akdamar Island - Van - Istanbul

    After having breakfast at the hotel, we will leave to visit Van Castle and its environs. Then we will visit Kaya Celebi Mosque from outside, since it is currently closed. Later we will visit Hüsrev Pasha Mosque and see the rest of the complex from outside. This mosque, quite close to the castle, was ordered by Beylerbeyi Kose Hüsrev Pasha and built in 1567. Later we will see the Mosque with Crimson Minaret, a Seljuki heritage. As the mosque is in fact heavily ruined, except for its minaret, we will see it again from outside. After the tour in the old town, we will head to devas, where we will embark on the ferry to Akdamar Island on Lake Van. On the island, we will visit the Holy Cross Cathedral, built between 915-921 by Architect Bishop Manuel, under the supervision of Gagik I Ardzruni, an Armenian King who reigned over the Kingdom of Vaspurakan. After back to Gevas, we will have lunch at a local restaurant before going to the airport.
    05.00 pm Leaving for Van Airport
    06.40 pm Departure with Turkish Airlines flight TK 2751
    09.05 pm Arrival

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