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Iran Tour



  1. Day 1 Istanbul - Iran

    After meeting at the International Terminal at Ataturk Airport, we depart at 10.40 pm with Turkish Airlines TK 892 to Isfahan.

  2. Day 2 Isfahan

    After landing at 03.05 am, we will be transferred to our hotel by our tour bus. We will pend the night it our hotel in Isfahan. Following the breakfast, we will leave the hotel for the city tour, during which we will see Nagsh-e Jahan Square (aka Meidan Imam) one of the largest squares of the world, listed by UNESCO as World Heritage, along with Imam and Skeikh Lotfollah Mosques, Chehel Sotun Palace and Grand Palace of Ali Qapu. After lunch we will have some free time for shopping in Isfahan Grand Bazaar. We will spend the night at our hotel in Isfahan.

  3. Day 3 Isfahan - Yazd

    After the breakfast, we will see the Masjid-e Jameh, a 1000-year-old Seljuki heritage and the Is-o-se-pol Bridge on River Zayenderud, an iconic landmark of the city. Then, we will leave Isfahan for Yazd, laying 312 km southeast. Upon arrival, we will see the Fire Temple and the Towers of Silence. We will spend the night at our hotel in Yazd.

  4. Day 4 Yazd

    After the breakfast, we will start walking around the old streets of the city with its typical houses made of mud brick and stone and see Amir Chakhmaq Complex and Jame Mosque. Iran attaches highest importance Muharram 9th (also known as the Tasua), the day Hazrat Hussain and his comrades asked for permission to pray from their soon-to-be murderers in Karbala. On this day Shia Muslims hold mourning ceremonies to venerate the Incident of Karbala. On Tasua Day, we will be in Yazd, where these ceremonies are held. We will spend the night at our hotel in Yazd.

  5. Day 5 Yazd - Pasargadae - Persepolis

    Muharram 10th is the Day of Ashura, when Hazrat Husaain was martyred. Before leaving Yazd, we will have a chance to see the ceremonies held to mourn for Hazrat Hussain. Later, we will depart for Persepolis, located 382 km to southeast. On our way to Persepolis, we will visit Pasargadae, also listed as a World Heritage by UNESCO, and see the tomb of the Cyrus the Great. then we will leave to visit Nagsh-e Rustam, an archaeological site housing colossal tombs of Persian and Sassanid kings. Afterwards, we will move on to Persepolis. We will spend the night a boutique hotel, near the antique city of Persepolis.

  6. Day 6 Persepolis - Shiraz

    After the breakfast, we will visit Persepolis, one of the most famous antique cities of the world. Then we will head to Shiraz. We will visit the tombs of Sadi and Hafez, tow world-known Iranian poets and check in our hotels. We will spend the night at our hotel in Shiraz.

  7. Day 7 Shiraz

    After the breakfast, we will check out and leave for the city tour, which includes Nasir al - Milk Mosque, Eram Garden, Arg of Khan, Vakil Mosque, Shah-e Cheragh and the tomb of Ali Ebn-e Hamze. We will be transferred to the airport after the dinner.

  8. Day 8 Shiraz - Istanbul

    Following the ticket and check-in processes, we will depart with Turkish Airlines flight ar 02.00 am and land Istanbul at 05.35 am.

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