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Catalhoyuk - Konya Tour


  1. Day 1 Istanbul - Konya

    04.30 am Meeting at Counter L7 - Domestic Flights Departure Hall of Ataturk Airport
    05.25 am Departing for Konya with Turkish Airlines TK 2032
    After landing in Konya at 06.35 am, we take the tour bus to have breakfast at Kos Lezzet Sofrasi, just 3 km away from the airport. After the breakfast, our first stop will be Mawlana Museum. Once servings as the rose garden for the Seljuki Palace, the complex was presented as a gift to Aga ad-Dİn Walad, also known as Sultan al-Ulama (sultan of the scholars), Rumi's father by Sultan Ala ad-Din Kayqubad. The complex is currently open for visits as museum. Afterwards, we will walk around the city to see some of its magnificent mosques, such as Selimiye Mosque, Serafeddin Mosque (from outside), shrine and mosque of Shamis-Tabrizi and İplikci Mosque. At 11.50 am, we will take a 500 m walk to have lunch at Tritci Mithat. Afterwards, we will take a quick walk to Aziziye Mosque to perform Jumu'ah (Friday Prayer). Later we will see the Karayat Madrasah, Ala ad-Dİn Mosque (from outside), Ince Minaret Madrasah on ala ad-Din Hill and lastly Sircali Madrasah. At 05.00 pm, we will check-in our hotel to rest for a short while before dinner. At 06.00 pm we will be served dinner at Somatci Fiti Ma Fih restaurant, before we attend the hymn concert at Irfan Civilization Research and Cultural Center, which will mark the end of our first night in Konya.

  2. Day 2 Konya - Sille - Konya

    After having breakfast at the hotel, we will leave at 08.15 am and head to Sille, an important cultural center, 15 km away from town center. Later we will stop at Tropical Butterfly garden, hosting 15 different butterfly species. In this tropical atmosphere, we will enjoy the harmony among these beautiful and colorful species.and their harmony with the nature. After this super experience, at 01.00 pm, we will go to Haci Sukru Kebab House for lunchtime. Afterwards, we will visit Catalhoyuk, a very large Neolithic and Chalcolithic Proto-city settlement seeding light on the history of the mankind with the earliest settlement style, its architecture and temples. Later we will have dinner at Lokmahane, offering traditional dishes of authentic Turkish cuisine. After the dinner, those who are interested are welcome to attend the traditional Darwish whirl held by Konya Municipality, free of charge.

  3. Day 3 Beysehir - Konya - Istanbul

    After having breakfast at the hotel, we will leave the hotel at 08.15 am to explore Beysehir, dating back to 7.000 BC. Our next stop will be Esrefoglu Mosque, in Esrefoglu quarter, laying 100 m north of Lake Beysehir. Later, we will go see Eflatun Pınar, aka Plato's Spring, offering a rich composition on its stone carved façade from the Hittites. Lastly, we will take a boat trip over the lake to enjoy the beauty of the nature. The lunch will be served before we leave. This will be final activity of another Anatolia tour with you, our valuable guests.
    04.30 pm Leaving for Konya Airport
    07.55 pm Departure with Turkish Airlines flight TK 2039
    09.25 pm Arrival

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